Thanks to the botanical magazine Al Yasmina, the contents of the “Flore de l’Afrique du Nord” by René Maire are now easily accessible.

Botanical studies of North Africa in the middle of the 20th century began to be abundant and with increasing quality but dispersed. That is why René Maire, professor at the University of Algiers, accepted the great challenge of creating his monumental Flore de l’Afrique du Nord. The publication of his first volume, in 1952, was a revolution in the world of botany, but he could not see it, he died in 1949, before finishing his great work. He wrote 10,566 pages that were to be ordered and published in the following decades, until 1987, when the 16th and last volume appeared.

During this period, several authors have published numerous addictions and the current studies of genetics are revolutionizing the taxonomy. But without a doubt it was and remains the great base, the obligatory reference, for all the people who study the flora of North Africa. The current problem is that these 16 volumes were not easily accessible to researchers, but now Al yasmina makes them available to everyone by internet. Undoubtedly a great news.

Cover of the first volume of the work, appeared in 1952. The last would see the light in 1987.

Access to the magazine and the Flora



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