ANACARDIACEAE R.Br. [Incl. PISTACEAE (Marchand) Caruel.]

Family composed of about 79 genera and 700 species of trees and shrubs, distributed across temperate and tropical regions around the world. In North Africa it is represented by the genera Pistacia and Searsia composed of tree and shrub species. A third genus, Rhus, distributed in the eastern Mediterranean, is considered native in Algeria and Tunisia by some authors. Schinus terebinthifolia Raddi also belongs to this family, and it is considered one of the most dangerous exotic and invasive plants beginning to spread across the North Africa.

Key to genera

1 Leaves palmate, with 3-5 leaflets Searsia

1 Leaves pinnate, with up to 15 leaflets 2

2 Leaflets with crenate, dentate or ± serrate margin; flowers with petals; fruits villous-lanate Rhus

2 Leaflets with entire margin; flowers without petals; fruits glabrous Pistacia

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