Phillyrea L.

Genus with highly polymorphic species, especially in the shape and size of the leaves, and therefore about 80 species have been described. Currently, all this morphological variability tends to be grouped within only 2 species, both present in North Africa, with a Mediterranean distribution.

Sébastian, C. 1956. Etude du genre Phillyrea Tournefort. Travaux de l’Institut Scientifique, Série Botanique, n° 6: 9-102. Rabat (Tanger).

Key to species

1 Leaves narrow (3-15 mm), linear or linear-lanceolate, entire Phillyrea angustifolia

1 Leaves wide [10-35(43) mm], ovate, ellipsoid or lanceolate, entire or sometimes with dentate or serrated margin Phillyrea latifolia

Updated by: M. Cueto, E. Giménez & J. Charco.