Ephedra L.

Genus comprised of 9 species in North Africa. Its distribution is mostly Mediterranean, with some species reaching S to the central Sahara. One species, E. alata, is clearly Saharan and another E. tilhoana, is restricted to the Tibesti Massif in Chad.

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Key to species

1 Bracts of female cones not fleshy, with wide scarious wings undulate on both sides Ephedra alata

1 Bracts of female cones fleshy, not winged at maturity 2

2 Shrub, with prostrate or climbing branches, flexuous, not upright 3

2 Shrubs upright 6

3 Cones grouped into a panicle. Climbing shrub, with green branchlets not scabrid Ephedra altissima

3 Cones not grouped into a panicle. Climbing plants, lianescent or decumbent, sarmentose, with flexible branchlets that do not disjoint to touch 4

4 Shrub never erect, decumbent or pendant. Galbuli with two flowers and recurved peduncles Ephedra foeminea

4 Climbing plants with scabrid branchlets 5

5 Branchlets thick (2.5-4 mm diameter), green. Terminal buds short, ovoid. Ripe cones red Ephedra aphylla

5 Branchlets very thin (0.5-1.5 mm diameter), glaucescent (ashy green or grey). Terminal buds elongated. Ripe cones white Ephedra foliata

6 Shrub upright or, when lianescent, with very fragile branchlets that easily disjoint when touched. Branchlets not scabrid Ephedra fragilis

6 Shrub erect, not climbing, dense. Branchlets flexible, not brittle 7

7 Plant 60 to 80 cm in height. Leaves completely brown and scarious. Galbulus solitary with two flowers, smaller than the peduncle at maturity Ephedra tilhoana

7 Plants of more than 1 m in height. Leaves membranous, sessile or shortly pedunculate cone 8

8 Branchlets of more than 1 mm thick, green ashen. Shrub up to 1 m Ephedra pachyclada

8 Branchlets very thin, up 0.8 mm, bushy green. Bush over 1 m Ephedra major

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